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Little Krishna GIFs - Beautiful and Cute Animations of the Lord

Little Krishna GIF Download: How to Find and Save Animated Images of the Beloved Hindu Deity

GIFs are short, looping animations that can capture a moment, a mood, or a message in a fun and engaging way. They are widely used on the internet to express emotions, humor, and creativity. Whether you want to make someone laugh, smile, or feel inspired, there is a GIF for every occasion.

One of the most popular themes for GIFs is Little Krishna, the adorable and divine child who is revered by millions of Hindus around the world. Little Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the supreme god who protects and preserves the universe. He was born in a prison cell to Devaki and Vasudeva, who smuggled him out to escape the wrath of his evil uncle Kamsa. He grew up in the village of Vrindavan, where he had many adventures and performed many miracles.

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In this article, we will explore some of the stories about Little Krishna's childhood, where to find the best Little Krishna GIFs online, and how to download and share them on any device.

Who is Little Krishna and what are some of the stories about his childhood

Little Krishna is one of the most beloved characters in Hindu mythology. He is known for his charm, his courage, his compassion, and his mischief. He is also worshipped as the supreme personality of Godhead, who descended to earth to restore dharma (righteousness) and destroy evil.

Little Krishna as the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu

According to Hindu scriptures, Lord Vishnu takes various forms or avatars whenever there is a decline of dharma and an increase of adharma (unrighteousness) in the world. He has taken ten avatars so far, out of which Little Krishna is the eighth one. He was born at midnight on Janmashtami (the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada) in a prison cell in Mathura. His parents were Devaki and Vasudeva, who were imprisoned by Devaki's brother Kamsa, who was a tyrannical king. Kamsa had heard a prophecy that Devaki's eighth son would kill him, so he tried to kill all her children as soon as they were born. However, when Little Krishna was born, a divine voice instructed Vasudeva to take him across the river Yamuna to his friend Nanda's house in Gokul and exchange him with Nanda's newborn daughter. Vasudeva did as he was told, and miraculously escaped from the prison with the help of Lord Vishnu's powers.

Little Krishna's adventures and miracles in Vrindavan

Little Krishna grew up in Gokul and later Vrindavan with his foster parents Nanda and Yashoda, who loved him dearly. He also had many friends among the cowherds (g owherds (gopas) and cowgirls (gopis), especially his childhood sweetheart Radha. He also had many enemies, such as Kamsa and his allies, who tried to harm him in various ways. However, Little Krishna always outsmarted and defeated them with his wit and power.

Some of the famous stories about Little Krishna's adventures and miracles in Vrindavan are:

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  • How he killed the demoness Putana, who came disguised as a nurse to feed him poison.

  • How he lifted the Govardhan hill on his little finger to protect the villagers from the wrath of Indra, the king of gods, who sent a torrential rain to punish them for worshipping Little Krishna instead of him.

  • How he subdued the venomous serpent Kaliya, who was polluting the Yamuna river, and danced on his hoods.

  • How he stole the clothes of the gopis, who were bathing in the river, and made them beg for them while he sat on a tree.

  • How he played the flute and enchanted everyone with his divine music.

Little Krishna's love for butter and mischief

One of the most endearing aspects of Little Krishna's personality is his love for butter and his mischief. He was fond of eating butter and yogurt, which were made by the cowherds from the milk of their cows. He often sneaked into their houses and stole butter from their pots, sometimes with the help of his friends. He also shared the butter with the monkeys and birds. He was so naughty that he even broke the pots and spilled the butter on the floor. He also played pranks on his mother Yashoda, who tried to catch him and punish him, but could never resist his innocent smile and charm.

Some of the amusing stories about Little Krishna's love for butter and mischief are:

  • How he broke into the house of a gopi named Shubhra and ate all her butter, leaving behind a trail of footprints.

  • How he was caught red-handed by Yashoda while stealing butter from a pot, and how he lied to her that he was not eating butter but showing it to the monkey.

  • How he was tied to a wooden mortar by Yashoda as a punishment, but dragged it along and uprooted two huge trees, which were actually two cursed demigods who were freed by his grace.

  • How he exchanged his jewels with a poor boy for some sandesh (a sweet made of milk and sugar).

  • How he teased Radha by coloring her face with saffron during Holi (the festival of colors).

Where to find the best Little Krishna GIFs online

If you are looking for some cute, funny, or inspiring Little Krishna GIFs online, you have plenty of options to choose from. There are many websites that offer free GIFs and stickers that you can download or share with your friends and family. Some of the best websites for finding Little Krishna GIFs online are:

Giphy, the top source for funny, reaction, and unique GIFs and stickers

Giphy is one of the most popular and widely used websites for finding GIFs and stickers online. It has a huge collection of animated images that cover various topics, categories, emotions, and occasions. You can search for Little Krishna GIFs by typing keywords like "Little Krishna", "Krishna Janmashtami", "Krishna Radha", etc. You can also browse through different tags like "Hinduism", "Religion", "Spirituality", etc. You can find GIFs that show Little Krishna's expressions, actions, stories, and messages. You can also create your own GIFs using Giphy's tools and features.