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9th Dawn 3 RPG: A Dungeon Crawler with Unlimited Money MOD APK + OBB

9th Dawn III APK OBB: How to Download and Play this Massive Open World RPG on Android

If you are a fan of classic RPGs like Ultima or modern masterpieces like The Witcher 3, you might want to check out 9th Dawn III, a huge 2D open world RPG and collectathon dungeon crawler packed full of adventure. In this article, we will show you how to download and play this game on your Android device using the APK OBB files.

9th dawn 3 apk obb

What is 9th Dawn III?

A brief introduction to the game and its features

9th Dawn III is the latest installment in the 9th Dawn series, developed and published by Valorware. The game is set in the world of Cedaltia, where you are asked to investigate mysterious ghostly sightings around the lake of Elmson. Along the way, you will uncover a dark prophecy, fight over 270 unique monsters, collect over 1,400 items, recruit monsters as allies, play a card game with 180 cards, and more.

The game features a huge seamless open world full of crypts, fortresses, villages, and more. You can explore it at your own pace, finding secrets, treasures, and rare materials. You can also customize your character with spells, abilities, attributes, and crafting skills. The game has an original orchestral soundtrack and a retro pixel art style that pays homage to the old-school RPGs.

A comparison with other RPGs like Ultima and The Witcher 3

9th Dawn III is inspired by classic games like Ultima (and Ultima Online in particular), as well as modern games like The Witcher 3. It borrows some of the best features from these games, such as:

  • The open-ended exploration and questing of Ultima

  • The rich lore and story of The Witcher 3

  • The combat system that combines melee, ranged, and magic attacks

  • The crafting system that allows you to create weapons, armor, potions, food, and more

  • The card game that adds a fun diversion and collectibles

  • The monster recruitment system that lets you train and use creatures in battle

However, 9th Dawn III also has its own unique elements that make it stand out from other RPGs, such as:

  • The twin-stick control scheme that makes combat intuitive and dynamic

  • The skill-based leveling system that rewards you for doing various actions

  • The town prosperity system that lets you improve the quality of towns by helping the locals

  • The dungeon completion system that gives you bonuses for clearing dungeons fully

  • The pet breeding system that lets you create new types of monsters

Why should you play 9 be greeted by the main menu, where you can choose to start a new game, load a saved game, or change the settings. If you start a new game, you will be able to create your character by choosing their name, gender, race, and appearance. You will also be able to choose your starting class from four options: Warrior, Mage, Ranger, or Rogue. Each class has different skills and attributes that affect your gameplay.

Once you enter the game world, you will see the game interface, which consists of several elements:

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  • The health bar, which shows your current and maximum health points

  • The mana bar, which shows your current and maximum mana points

  • The experience bar, which shows your current and required experience points to level up

  • The mini-map, which shows your location and nearby points of interest

  • The quick slots, which show your equipped items and spells

  • The pause button, which pauses the game and opens the menu

  • The zoom button, which zooms in and out of the map

  • The lock-on button, which locks onto a specific enemy or object

  • The auto-run button, which runs without holding the thumbstick

  • The auto-loot button, which loots all nearby items automatically

The best ways to explore, fight, craft, and collect in the game

9th Dawn III is a game that offers you a lot of freedom and variety in how you play. You can explore the vast open world at your own pace, finding secrets, treasures, and quests. You can fight enemies using different weapons, spells, and tactics. You can craft items using materials you find or buy. You can collect cards, monsters, pets, and more. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of these aspects of the game:

  • Explore: Use the map to see where you are and where you can go. Look for icons that indicate towns, dungeons, shops, quests, and more. Talk to NPCs to learn more about the world and get hints. Use fast travel points to move around quickly. Use torches or spells to light up dark areas.

  • Fight: Use the thumbsticks to move and attack. Use the quick slots to switch between items and spells. Use the lock-on button to target enemies. Use the pause button to plan your strategy. Use potions and food to heal yourself. Use skills and abilities to enhance your combat performance.

  • Craft: Use the crafting menu to see what items you can make. Use the crafting stations in towns or dungeons to craft weapons, armor, potions, food, and more. Use the recipes you find or buy to learn new crafting options. Use the crafting skills to improve your crafting efficiency and quality.

  • Collect: Use the card menu to see what cards you have and what cards you need. Use the card game table in towns or dungeons to play cards with NPCs or other players. Use the card shop to buy or sell cards. Use the monster menu to see what monsters you have and what monsters you need. Use the monster recruitment skill to capture monsters in battle. Use the pet menu to see what pets you have and what pets you need. Use the pet breeding skill to create new types of pets.


A summary of the main points and a call to action

9th Dawn III is a massive open world RPG that offers you hours of fun and adventure on your Android device. You can download and install it easily using the APK OBB files from the official website or Google Play Store. You can enjoy it on your mobile device with touch screen controls that are intuitive and responsive. You can experience it in your own way with different classes, skills, items, spells, monsters, pets, cards, and more.

If you are looking for a game that combines classic RPG elements with modern features and a retro style, 9th Dawn III is the game for you. Download it today and start your epic journey in Cedaltia!


What are the system requirements for 9th Dawn III on Android?

The minimum system requirements for 9th Dawn III on Android are:

  • Android 4.4 or higher

  • 1 GB of RAM or more

  • 500 MB of free storage space or more

  • A stable internet connection (optional)

How long is 9th Dawn III?

The length of 9th Dawn III depends on how you play it and how much content you want to explore. The main story can take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours, depending on your difficulty level and how much you explore. The side quests, dungeons, and collectibles can add another 40 to 60 hours, depending on your completionist level and how much you play the card game. The game also has a lot of replay value, as you can try different classes, skills, and choices in each playthrough.

How many monsters, items, and cards are there in 9th Dawn III?

9th Dawn III has a lot of content to discover and collect. The game has over 270 unique monsters, over 1,400 items, and over 180 cards. You can find them in various locations, dungeons, shops, chests, enemies, NPCs, and more. You can also create new items and monsters using the crafting and breeding systems.

Can you play 9th Dawn III offline?

Yes, you can play 9th Dawn III offline without an internet connection. However, you will need an internet connection to download the game and its data file

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