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Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference Zip

The articles were selected by title and abstract, by two investigators. The eligible studies were subjected to a complete text analysis. The inclusion criterion was studies that featured an instrument to rate the anticholinergic burden of drugs.

martindale: the complete drug reference zip

Until July 2017, three systematic reviews had been published aiming to identify anticholinergic activity rating scales, but only one of them described the scales and the associations between calculated anticholinergic burdens and clinical outcomes.(17) The other two reviews provided tables with the name of the drugs with anticholinergic activity listed in the scales.(1,8) Some investigations use the name Duran Scale, or Duran List, to refer to the table of 100 drugs rated as high or low activity, contained in the ADS,(5) ABC,(9) SAA,(12) ARS,(11) CrAS,(10) AAS(14) and ACL scales,(15) developed by the authors of the systematic review, and based on said scales. It was supplemented by a search on Martindale: the complete drug reference,(18) to clarify any discrepancies between scale scores.(1,17,19) A table of 195 drugs was developed based on a systematic review, which also covered the ADS,(5) ABC,(9) SAA,(12) ARS,(11) CrAS,(10) AAS(14) and ACL scales,(15) however rating them into high, medium and low anticholinergic activity. This table points out the discrepant scores found in the different scales.(8) 350c69d7ab

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