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FIFA 2012 Arabic Commentary BLACK BOX

FIFA 2012 Arabic Commentary BLACK BOX

FIFA 2012 is a popular football video game developed by EA Sports and released in September 2011. The game features various modes, teams, players, stadiums, and commentary languages. One of the most requested features by the fans of the game was the Arabic commentary, which was not included in the original release of the game.

However, thanks to a group of modders called BLACK BOX, the Arabic commentary was added to the PC version of FIFA 2012 in October 2011. The mod was based on the Arabic commentary from FIFA 11, which was recorded by the famous Egyptian commentator Essam El Shawaly and his co-commentator Abdullah Al Harbi. The mod also included some new phrases and updates to match the FIFA 12 gameplay and features.


The mod was widely praised by the fans of FIFA 12 who wanted to enjoy the game with the Arabic commentary. The mod was also compatible with other patches and mods that enhanced the graphics, gameplay, and content of FIFA 12. The mod was available for download from various websites and forums, such as [] and [] . The mod also had a video demonstration on [YouTube], which showed the quality and realism of the Arabic commentary.

The FIFA 2012 Arabic Commentary BLACK BOX mod was one of the most successful and popular mods for FIFA 12 on PC. It added a new dimension and flavor to the game, and made it more enjoyable and immersive for the Arabic-speaking fans of FIFA. The mod also showed the creativity and dedication of the BLACK BOX team, who managed to create and share this mod for free with the FIFA community.

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